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German Autobahn - as fast as you can

What makes the German Autobahn so famous and unique?

A simple road sign - five diagonal stripes on a circular background

- cancellation of all speed limits - in short - as fast as you can !!!

From the love to unlimited speed on the German Autobahn the modelable german autobahn was born in 2011 - fashion for the fast lane - for all friends of the car, motorcycle and tuning scene.


Batterieexpress GmbH specializes in consulting and selling batteries. According to the motto:

"Only batteries - but right!"

a product range has been put together that leaves nothing to be desired.


FINESTAUTOMOTIVE is the magazine for exclusive vehicles and automotive lifestyle.

The FINESTAUTOMOTIVE team has been active in the automotive industry for many years and since 2009 has been offering the German-language online platform for the topics of luxury automobiles, sports cars, supercars and vintage cars.

For speed lovers and car enthusiasts