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Book Tip: Why an electric car sounds better than a vehicle with a combustion engine

You are looking for an original gift for a car fan who loves combustion engines more than the new electric world.

Or you are an enthusiastic fan of the classic combustion engine and are looking for something not entirely serious to read for your bookshelf.

Then the joke book Why an electric car sounds better than a vehicle with a combustion engine: Facts, analyzes and background is the perfect paperback for you.

The paperback is available in English and German.

Book Tip: Rob's Guide to Goodwood

You always wanted to travel to the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Or you are already a regular guest at the car party in southern England and are looking for new ideas and tips.

Then Rob's Guide to Goodwood is your practical pocket guide to the world's biggest car party.

Rob's Guide to Goodwood is available as an eBook and paperback in German. Translation into English is planne.

German Autobahn - as fast as you can

What makes the German Autobahn so famous and unique?

A simple road sign - five diagonal stripes on a circular background

- cancellation of all speed limits - in short - as fast as you can !!!

Out of the love for unlimited speed on the German Autobahn the fashion label german autobahn was created in 2011 - fashion for the fast lane - for all friends of the car, motorcycle and tuning scene.


SPEEDXDREAMS is a special online magazine all about extraordinary vehicles and drive style. Daily updated and informative news about sports cars, tuning, custom cars and custom bikes, special vehicles and exotics.

There is also a vehicle market for mobile dreams to buy and sell vehicles that you won't find on every street corner.

Boring vehicles are a dime a dozen, but not at SPEEDXDREAMS!

WordPress Maintenance

Creating a website based on WordPress is now child's play.

The challenge lies in regular maintenance of required updates, useful extensions, new plugins and legal requirements or a move to a new web host.

This is where the WordPress Maintenance professionals come into play.

Flexible and individually tailored to your requirements, they offer you an extensive range of maintenance work at fair prices.

Epik Drives

Take part in Luxury Germany Tour and drive your favorite super sports car on unlimited autobahns, over scenic country roads and to the best car museums and race tracks "Made in Germany".

Experience the precise engineering and extreme performance of super sports cars on roads for which they were built.

Enjoy a modern driving adventure with life in the fast lane.